Have some fun at Drizzy's expense
Charys Newton

16:31 27th April 2016

Wherever Drake goes, memes will inevitably follow.

Drake announced details of his highly anticipated new record Views From the 6 over the weekend, with the album set to premiere on Apple Music tomorrow.

However, within days of Views From the 6's artwork going up online, the internet did what the internet does and turned out a generator that lets you make your own version of the album's cover.

'Drake's Views', made by interactive media production company The Young Astronauts, lets you place a tiny Drizzy into any photo of your choosing, leading to predictably hilarious results.

Some of the most inspired creations include Tiny Drake astride Beyonce's baseball bat, Tiny Drake chilling on top of the Millenium Falcon, and of course, Tiny Drake sat atop Drake. Check them out below, or click to have a go at making your own here.

  • Lint-rolled his trousers courtside: We don't know what we love about this more - the fact he carries a personal lint-roller on him at all times, or the fact he knows the importance of de-fluffed trousers. Proving he can laugh along with the rest of us, his team the Toronto Raptors then gave out free lint rollers at their next game.

  • Wore a t shirt with a picture of Jaden Smith on it: Not only that, but the image shows Will Smith's son's deep reaction to Drake's performance at the MTV VMAs. Drake liked it so much, he printed it on a t shirt and wore it to the iHeartRadio festival. Meta.

  • Tried to hug Jhene Aiko on live TV and missed: During his stint on Saturday Night Live, Drake went for an embrace with friend and collaborator Jhene Aiko as the credits rolled. Unfortunately, she didn't seem to be aware of his intentions and turned away, resulting in a highly awkward grab from behind. :(

  • Bought a mural of his family and friends painted by a woman from East Grinstead: Yes, as in East Grinstead, England. Artist Jane Indigo Moore was commissioned to paint a rather odd mural of Drake's family and friends by a pal of the rapper. He obviously liked it - it was promptly flown to his LA home. Amazing. [Photo: East Grinstead Courier]

  • Boasted about how his house is so big, he has to go to some lengths to get a drink from the fridge: Possibly tired of peers and critics calling him "soft", Drake hit back with the swaggering 'Trophies', on which he hilariously declared: "Bitch, I use a walkie talkie just to get a beverage!". We get it Drake. You are fairly rich.

  • Drank a shot out of his Grammy: After receiving the gong for Best Rap Album for Take Care, Drake posted a video online of him pouring some booze into the award and sipping from it. We'd probably do the same.

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