In Holland...
Jason Gregory

15:49 16th November 2007

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke has revealed that the band were forced to leave the stage during a gig in Utrecht earlier this year after a couple in the audience started having sex.

According to the band’s frontman the couple’s liberal display caused a chain reaction amongst the audience in Holland.

"There was a couple having sex in front of us in Utrecht, I climbed up into the balcony and they were doing it on the floor. I said something into the mic and everyone started cheering,” Okereke told the Mirror.

"At first the couple looked embarrassed and then they just carried on. Next, everyone just started making out with each other. We had to leave the stage because it was getting so everyone was having sex.

"Apparently there are laws against that sort of thing, but I know there is a lot of latent erotic energy in how we perform so I wasn't surprised."


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