They turn on Harvey Goldsmith...
Scott Colothan

16:31 3rd October 2007

Gigwise has been inundated with messages from Led Zeppelin fans who are angry with Harvey Goldsmith’s announcement that no-one will be able to attend the o2 Arena without positive ID matching their sign-up name.

The promoter seemed un-phased by news that unique ticket codes given to successful ballot entrants were being sold for over the odds prices, claiming anyone who buys one won’t be able to attend.

However, Led Zeppelin fans have now turned on him claiming that it’s the fans who are the victims here and not the touts organisers are apparently trying to clamp down on.

One wrote: “Why are they making this so hard for everyone? True fans will fork out thousands and travel all over the world for these guys but they are being shafted by this fat git!!”

Another disgruntled fan added: “Unfortunately this policy will hurt the fans who bought the codes not the seller who has already been paid.” 

While in a direct letter to Gigwise, Led Zep fan Felix Carassco  who has bought a ticket code, said: “I find it a disgrace that Harvey Goldsmith is going after the real fans after he is only selling 10,000 tickets for a 20,000 seater arena. I am sure that the other half will be going to his company and friends and a good few thousand ‘guests’!

“I hope that you can start to suggest that he does something about tackling those selling the codes and not those buying them!”

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Photo: WENN