They voice their anger at current music scene…
Jason Gregory

10:33 25th July 2007

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The Cribs have spoken out against the current music scene saying that new bands are “just doing the same and jumping on the bandwagon.”

The Wakefield band – who have used a number of their recent performances to vent their anger at the way indie music is heading – have said the current scene is reminiscent of the Britpop era.

Speaking about their frustrations, the band’s frontman Ryan Jarman said: "I think there's a couple of good bands. But I mean just that; a couple of good bands. I'm not gonna mention any names - in a good or bad way - and I'm not going to call anyone out by name. But music is rubbish right now.”

He went on to tell the NME: "There aren't any bands with ethics. Things have got how Britpop was a few years ago, with people identifying something that is popular, and just doing the same and jumping on the bandwagon."

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