Inspire yourself to be ‘busy making money’
Vicky Greer
13:33 12th November 2021

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Marianna Winter has just released your new favourite inspirational anthem with ‘BMM’. The single is part of a new project from Winter that we can expect to hear early next year.

‘BMM’ – that’s ‘Busy Making Money’ – is a lo-fi dream with an anthemic message. It’s musically and vocally smooth as butter as Marianna Winter helps you dream of your best, most badass moneymaking self – what a vibe! Here’s how she described the new single:

“I tend to spend a lot of time making sure that the people around me are good, but sometimes I just wish I could be someone who doesn’t feel the need to answer every text within 2 seconds or fix every problem, and just say 'fuck it, I’m busy'. You know?”

"'BMM' (Busy Making Money) is an anthem to anyone who secretly pretends to be a ruthless, champagne-popping, cut-throat, money-making bitch."

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