Ravage and its accompanying visuals are on the way
Vicky Greer
13:47 15th October 2021

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Mogli is gearing up for her most ambitious project yet – a brand new album accompanied by a dystopian film which was created and scored by the artist herself. Tackling personal and wider social topics, Ravage is set to be a creative audio-visual experience.

The new single ‘Echo’ is blockbuster-ready with a dark guitar riff and an incessant drumbeat that drives the song forward. Its lyrics are especially defiant, documenting a pivotal moment in Mogli’s life: “Echo is about this moment of realisation that had so much power for me because it made me walk in the right direction even though I didn’t know where I was going,” she says, “This song is the catalyst for the whole journey ahead. It’s telling you to never settle and to find your own voice in this world.”

Mogli also spoke about the background behind creating Ravage:

“I broke out of a toxic relationship and moved to Berlin. Consequently, I was completely on my own trying to find out who I was while battling depression. I passionately dove into touring and working which inevitably led to burn-out. Writing this album became my catharsis, I was able to face my fears. Being brave enough to make yourself vulnerable heals you and brings you happiness.”

Ravage will arrive next year.

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Photo: Giulia Delay