Back with renewed vigour
Jessie Atkinson
12:19 23rd September 2021

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Hello Tomorrow alums Youth Sector have shared a jangling, gotta-dance-to-it track in the form of 'Self Exile'. The song reintroduces the bright young hopes to us with renewed vigour.

'Self Exile' is bouncy, it's boppy, it's rooted in a long tradition of rock'n'roll that you can dance to! In a stormy world of post-punk, it feels like we lost sight of that for a second, but here it is in joyful sepia on 'Self Exile':

Vocalist Nick Tompkins noted that: “Self Exile is about feeling self-destructive, cutting your nose to spite your face, and wanting to push yourself away from those around you as punishment. The lyric “That should do it this time” is written in the mindset of thinking you’ve finally hit someone’s final nerve.”

Revisit our Hello Tomorrow interview with Youth Sector at the time of release of their Mundanity EP.

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