A queer anthem about falling for your best friend
Vicky Greer
11:56 28th May 2021

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GIRLI has just released her latest single, ‘More Than A Friend’. Following in the footsteps of recent icons like Hayley Kiyoko and girl in red, it tells the tragically relatable story of falling for your best friend.

Carrying her typical alt-pop with a rock bite sound, ‘More Than A Friend' boasts stunning vocals and a chorus that will be playing in your head all day. With such relatable lyrics and a hypnotic sound, ‘More Than A Friend’ could see GIRLI reach the anthemic heights of Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘Girls Like Girls’ or Tegan and Sara’s ‘Closer’. Here’s what she said about the new song:

“I wrote this song about crushing hard on a girl who didn’t want me back. It’s about the sexual frustration of wanting someone so bad but knowing they just don’t like you like that. Falling for your friend can happen to anyone, but I think it’s a feeling that is particularly poignant to queer people; falling for a friend who perhaps isn’t the same sexual orientation as you and not being able to express those feelings for fear of being judged or losing that friendship. It’s sticky.”

Outside of her music, GIRLI has been connecting with other LGBTQ+ artists on her podcast, GIRLI IRL and using social media platforms to speak openly about feminism, sexuality and mental health.

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Photo: Haris Nukem