Hear 'Cigarette Packet' + 'Separate'
Jessie Atkinson
10:08 17th March 2021

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'Ciagerette Packet' and 'Separate' are the first new releases of the year from underground favourites Sorry. The two singles land today with a music video for each.

'Cigarette Packet' turns on the spasm of a frantic neon synth, mimicking the excitement of a night out and the anxiety that comes with smoking too many cigs at once. More chilled-out, 'Separate' sounds as if it could be a chart-topping trap track...with Asha Lorenz's vocal bringing things firmly down into the alternative arena.

Hear the two special releases:

“These songs came from ideas we worked on from home during last year. The sounds are quite metallic / silver / grey and the lyrical ideas are repetitive almost as if they are whispers / mantras / worries that you’d say to yourself and keep to yourself" Asha said. 

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