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Jessie Atkinson
12:16 14th January 2021

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La Femme have announced their new album Paradigmes with a bold video for latest single 'Foutre Le Bordel'. Already promising to be a kaleidoscopic affair, the album will feature fifteen tracks including November's 'Cool Colorado'.

While 'Foutre Le Bordel' takes a punkier, very The Clash angle, recent single 'Disconnexion' is all new-wave electronics (with banjo solo), 'Cool Colorado' is stoner guitar heaven and the title track 'Paradigme' is all stylish big band motifs. 

With the fourth single in as many changes in sound, 'Foutre Le Bordel' promises Paradigmes to be a riot and a half.

'Foutre Le Bordel', the outfit exclaim, is "made to revitalise a party at any moment! The kind of song that we look forward to playing on stage!"

Paradigmes Tracklist:

1. Paradigme
3. Le sang de mon prochain
5. Cool Colorado
4. Foutre le bordel
6. Nouvelle-Orléans
7. Pasadena
8. Lâcher de chevaux
9. Disconnexion
10. Foreigner
11. Force & Respect
12. Divine créature
13. Mon ami
14. Le jardin
15. Va
16. Tu’ten lasses

Paradigmes arrives 2 April via Disque Pointu.

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