Part of a third album incoming in 2021
Jessie Atkinson
10:54 18th November 2020

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French heroes La Femme continue to lay the trail towards their third album with 'Cool Colorado' and accompanying visuals. Funky and delirious, it's an ode to weed of sorts complete with brass section.

Watching the psychedelic video for this will get you in the right headspace to listen: woozy, softly-lit and vaguely seedy. That's the vibe for this stunning track, with unctuous vocals and half-time beats making things fabulously decadent and slick.

La Femme elaborated on their ideas: “Colorado is the first American state which legalised cannabis, this is where the line “And I smoke in the streets without stress” comes from. This song is also related to the Beatnik spirit, to the literature of Kerouac. Do you remember the Magic Bus? It was going from Europe to Katmandou on a now-mythical hippie trail.”

There's more to come in that vein too: "This is a sort of psychedelic mass parodying the cliché of the “teenager idol” in the way of Brian Jones or Dave and Swan of “Phantoms of the Paradise”. Like a pastiche of a passed period of time."

An album will follow in 2021.

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