Alongside a triptych of pastoral videos
Jessie Atkinson
11:03 19th November 2020

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M.T. Hadley has shared his brand new EP There Isn't A Window That I Won't Look Out Of. It arrives with the melancholy, playful love song 'You Know When To Love' and a triptyh of pastoral videos.

Strings and keys are once again front and centre, echoing the instant classic sounds of EP lead single 'Suddenly'. Again too, Hadley explores themes of love and longing with a whiff of humour.

The triptych of videos are all for the single 'You Know When To Love', showing Hadley trying to stay in the frame of the slowly moving camera. 

Hadley had more to say on the videos: “The videos for You Know When To Laugh continue the broad theme of evasion established in Suddenly" he said. "The camera scans the pristine gardens and conservatory at Syon as I desperately clamber to remain in your sight; in your mind.”

M.T. Hadley has been a favourite of ours since he started releasing singles for his debut album Empty, which arrived last year. On the LP, which we placed 19th in our favourite 51 records of the whole year, we said: "Alt-pop songs for a world in which nothing you do matters, M.T. Hadley has written a record that’s touching despite an overarching nihilistic philosophy. This debut LP is an effective reflection of life’s own heart-bursting and tear-jerking moments - sometimes both at once."

Read our full review of Empty here.

There Isn't A Window That I Won't Look Out Of EP is out now.

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