Another strong Heist or Hit release
Jessie Atkinson
10:43 16th September 2020

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JWestern debuted in August with his accomplished single 'Call You Right Now'. Today, he returns on new label Hesit or Hit with a follow-up titled 'Check In'. It announces debut EP Just People.

Chiming guitars galore keep what could be a particularly pop-heavy track firmly in indie quarters. Fans of Conan Gray will appreciate the deft, silky and catchy songwriting here.

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"Check In is all about a breakdown in communication between two people. I often find it really hard to say how I'm actually feeling in the moment and end up saying the wrong thing" JWestern commented. Such breakdowns make him "want to check up on the person".

On debut 'Call You Right Now', we said: "his vocals have the ambivalence of Jimothy Lacoste and some of the intensity and earnesty of Arlo Parks."

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Photo: Aubrey Simpson