A woodland walk, but make it sonic
Jessie Atkinson
15:30 13th July 2020

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Long-time Ben Howard collaborator Mickey Smith aka A Blaze of Feather has returned with his own project today after a three year hiatus. His return comes in the form of the six-minute 'Clock Hands'.

Sparse, sprawling and pastoral, the new single is the first original material since A Blaze of Feather's eopnymous debut album in 2017. Woodwind and far-off vocal samples introduce a song that fizzes with the rangy vitality of a woodland walk.

From pop melodies to bouncing synths via mournful keys, 'Clock Hands' is a bold statement for the returning artist:

On getting inspired again for writing, Smith said: "I keep Bjork's work in mind whenever creating gets challenging. How open and fearless she is with feelings and emotions, unleashing vulnerability and strength through musicality. It gives me some comfort when I get scared of voicing some hidden part of myself through my own work.”

For A Blaze of Feather, Cornwall holds a lot of the inspiration he explores in his work. 

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