A brand new band with a soft spot for 00's + 90's pop
Jessie Atkinson
10:00 4th June 2020

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We're excited to share a brand new London band with you today. Child Star have made their debut AA-side available to listen right here on Gigwise first - and they're songs for fans of Men I Trust, Wolf Alice and Cheap Trick.

'Moon Candy' sings with the creative upbringing of a pop fan: showers of stars, electronic keys and faux naif vocals take us right back to 2003. Yet, still there are tastes of shoegaze inspirations and a great history of art-pop wrapped up there too. 

'Slide' continues the tradition, slowing things down for a swooning example of their lovesick songwriting. Could this debut soundtrack an early-00's coming of age film? Absolutely. Speaking about the release, the band say: "With our debut release we wanted to bring a tiny piece of joy to the fractured world of 2020, it’s important to treasure life’s everyday and it’s okay to be pathetically in love."

Songwriter Ondrej Novotny had chosen the Child Star band name even before he found bandmate Julia Moreau - herself a child star. The coincidence seems to have worked its magic: this is a powerful, joyful debut from the duo.

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