Chaos reigns, but Spoort just want you to be happy
Jessie Atkinson
17:21 1st June 2020

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Exceptional new genre-free band Spoort have shared the latest piece of their path to scene domination. 'Drake' featuring Londoner Ashbeck has received a collaged footage visual, finishing the picture that is their debut EP.

Released on Friday, the debut Spoort EP is an extraordinary collage of ideas from one of guitar music's most ingenious new upstarts. 'Drake' throbs with anxious keys and very Mike Skinner adjacent vocals. Brit Pop, alt hip hop and curiously punk, Spoort also collaborate with Ashbeck for an even wider look at British music.

See the anxious new video:

“Drake is a friendly reminder that life is beautiful and long! Don’t bother looking up! Just go to work, watch TV and everything will be fine!” vocalist and keys man Andrew King said of 'Drake', one of six tracks on the Midlands four-piece's EP.

Spoort EP Tracklist:

1. Self
3. Pixel Vest
4. Britannia Blues
5. Drake
6. Distant Worlds

Spoort EP is out now

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