Delicate, complex sonic layers
Jessie Atkinson
17:09 1st June 2020

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Caro, a band we called "one of the most exciting" new groups in the UK, are back today with a new single titled 'Figure Me Out'. Slick and tender, it announces a debut album for the band. Burrows arrives in September on cult indie label YALA!

'Figure Me Out' shuffles on a mind-bending tightrope through a series of movements that only an art rock outfit could manage. Stunning backing vocals tangle together atop a carousel of unpredictible keys and synths.

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Previous release 'Form A Line' will also appear on the forthcoming eleven-track album, as well as early release 'Cold Comfort'.

On 'Figure Me Out', the band said: “Figure Me Out is about being afraid of letting other people’s perceptions define you. It’s about only being able to make sense of your motivations retrospectively and trying to control how people see you by hiding from them.”

Burrows Tracklist:

1. Closet Lunatic
2. Fall Apart
3. Cold Comfort
4. Out to Get You
5. Cat's Pyjamas
6. Burrows
7. Eyes on the Ground
8. Form a Line
9. Smorgasbord
10. Monster Man
11. Figure Me Out

Burrows arrives 25 September via YALA! Records.

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