Hundreds of the UK's independent music venues are at risk right now
Jessie Atkinson
12:55 27th April 2020

An urgent #SaveOurVenues campaign has launched to prevent the permanent closure of the UK's many vibrant grassroots venues. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, music venues have of course had to close - but a new campaign has launched to make sure that those closures are only temporary.

A campaign launched by Music Venue Trust, #SaveOurVenues has detailed a list of 556 UK venues at risk - and how music fans can help them stay open. London venues such as The Windmill and Paper Dress Vintage as well as The Leadmill in Sheffield and The Sugarmill in Stoke-on-Trent are spotlighted on a map of the 500+ businesses most threatened.

"Government support has been exhausted" the campaign pleads, issuing the dire warning that if these music venues go "they will never come back."

How can music fans help? Music Venue Trust asks the following:

1. Donate to individual venues via their fundraising pages - see all those needing urgent help here.

2. Watch artists at home to raise money. See a list of upcoming shows here.

3. Donate to the #SaveOurVenues campaign here.

4. Spread the word so that other people in your close and wider networks can help out. Use #saveourvenues and share the campaign link.

Music Venue Trust's CEO Mark Davyd said: "Without the support of music fans and artists literally hundreds of the UK’s grassroots music venues could go out of business, never to return, in the coming months. Please help to save every single grassroots music venue in the UK so that it can reopen after this crisis and continue to be a home to our musicians and our communities.”

Let's mobilies, music fans.

Photo: Sharon Lopez