It's about the anxiety of the news cycle...
Jessie Atkinson
12:06 3rd April 2020

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Liz Lawrence has shared her first work since the release of her debut album Pity Party last autumn. 'California Screaming' is a solid indie tune with gorgeous vocals...and it's about how overwhelming the news can be.

Less pithy, more punchy, the new song is an upbeat direction for Lawrence, though it seeths with anxiety and angst - excellently demonstrated by grating glitches and electronic screeches.

Lawrence will not be pinned down on 'California Screaming', which is a collage of ideas making modern, ironic shapes of 'California Dreamin'. Thanks to smart composition and slick production, the result is a great one.

Hear the song:

And yes! The song is about the dreaded news cycle: more relevant now than it has ever been. 

Liz Lawrence explains: I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant in Pomona, California, watching Fox News on the TV screens, one on every wall. The onslaught of disaster news, about killer bees and rapidly escalating deaths from vaping, kicked off a 10-day anxiety attack that didn’t subside until I landed back in London. I remember thinking that if I stayed in that world of breaking news, I would never be able to leave the house."

Hope you're doing okay now you actually aren't allowed to leave the house Liz!

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07 - London, Lafayette

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