It’s the second track from new album, Making A Door Less Open
Matty Pywell
16:00 23rd March 2020

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Car Seat Headrest have released ‘Martin’ the second track to preview the band’s upcoming album Making A Door Less Open.

Bursting out of its seat with a startling assault of acoustic guitar, the track maintains 100 metre sprint pace before mellowing out in the final third, adding vibrant brass instrumentations that float along like butterfly wings. Hear it below:

Lead singer and songwriter Will Toledo has labelled it as, “one of the favourite songs that he’s ever written” high praise for a band who have been nothing short of prolific for a decade. The new album ‘Making A Door Less Open’ will be released on 1 May via Matador and introduces a new persona for Will by the name of Trait, which will see him don the suitably apocalyptic attire of a gas mask. This new persona promises to take him on new and imaginative roads to writing and recording.

Making A Door Less Open is released on 1 May 2020. 

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