Wombing synths, delicate keys and gorgeous percussion
Jessie Atkinson
14:56 18th October 2019

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Mike Hadreas' Perfume Genius has released a song from recent dance project The Sun Still Burns Here. 'Pop Song' is an ecstatic electronic track that lifts the listener from their body, delivering them to a higher plane without the need for mind-expanding drugs.

You can almost taste the smoke on the air as 'Pop Song' slides through a series of movements that echo an intoxicated, slow motion journey through a night club. Give the immersive track a listen:

A bouquet of wombing synths, delicate keys and gorgeous percussion, 'Pop Song' is taken from this month's dance experience The Sun Still Burns Here. Debuted in Seattle, the project is a collaboration with Kate Wallich and Dance Company The YC. 

An immersive performance, Hadreas explains the effect the song is intended to deliver to the body and mind: “I imagined an ecstatic pile of bodies preparing to be consumed by the gods...The lyric is like a conjuration spell to be sung when the mountain of bodies settles in position and is held still as an offering.”


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Photo: Andrew J.S.