The band perform ‘Sleep EZ’ in the East London record shop’s bog
Shannon COTTON
12:30 16th July 2019

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Theres always potential to discover a hidden gem when walking the aisles of Rough Trade East. An exclusive krautrock 12”? A feverish live show at the back of the shop? The Goon Sax performing ‘Sleep EZ’ in the bog? 

In the latest video from Stolen Sessions, the Australian trio perform the song taken from their 2018 record We’re Not Talking, which impacted on Wichita, in the intimate setting. Check the video out below:

Arguably carrying more bite than on record, the frenzied journey clocks in just underneath the three minute mark. It’s a striking statement of intent as we look forward to what comes next from The Goon Sax. 

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Photo: Ben O Connor