This Portland-based band are fronted by one of the United States' most powerful vocalists
Cai Trefor
12:38 20th June 2019

Portland-based Sub Pop 'Full Circle Nightmare' hitmakers Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey have this week released the video for their stunning single 'Deathwish Blue'. It comes ahead of the 12 July release of their third album.

Craft's distinctive voice is - thanks to pipes which compete with Elton John’s, Marc Bolan’s and John Lennon's - on typically tremendous form. 

According to an interview with Billboard, the lyrics are about the singer's fiancée Lydia. And the title - ‘Deathwish Blue' - perhaps a reference at the fact she begged the frontman not to write a song about her, before winning her over by this first attempt.

Speaking about the accompanying video for it, Craft says: "I can’t dance and my fiancée Lydia isn’t the biggest fan of it either...we’d actually never danced together before the shoot. We wanted to have fun and aim for a Pulp Fiction vibe. So, I just slicked back the mop, cranked Spirit in the Sky over the bar speakers, and we went for it."

And the track's theme isn't the only first: the album sees Craft shed his solo artist name for the first time, favouring of one which elevates his new backing band. The album is also titled Showboat Honey in honour of the group and they for the first time are in the press photos.

The singer's most collaborative effort yet, the LP was recorded and produced by Kyle Craft, piano player Kevin Clark, and bassist Billy Slater at their own Moonbase Studios in Portland over 2018. The album was mixed by Seattle's Trevor Spencer and mastered by April Golden at Golden Mastering. 

Showboat Honey is Craft's third record for Jonathan Poneman's Sub Pop, and follows 2016's Dolls of Highland and the brilliant 2018 release Full Circle Nightmare.


Photo: Press