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17:03 24th May 2019

After announcing their biggest US headline tour to date, Don Broco have shared an impeccably-produced video for ‘Half Man Half God’, showcasing their one-and-only cowboy whilst playing Wembley earlier this year. Not bad eh?

The band’s latest visuals start off with flickering lights showcasing objects only Don Broco’s cowboy can possess. Speaking of which, the band’s symbol is clearly the star of the show as we see him literally going mad in this dimly-lit house, and then as part of the crowd at Wembley, where the band delivered an incredible performance in February.

Don Broco also shine a light on how impressive they are live. The excerpts from their show illustrate what they are all about: mosh pits, throwing their legs in the air and cowboys, of course. When we were at the show, it was clear there were some serious gymnastics going on, “Have you ever seen a man throw his leg almost back over his head, in mid air, whilst also playing guitar?” 

We also said: “The crowd looks suspiciously like a Wii Fit crowd, bouncing enthusiastically in unison before the consistently high energy both on stage and in the crowd is toned down momentarily. Damiani takes centre stage and croons his way through ‘Further’, before turning the night on it’s head with the fiery ‘Stay Ignorant’, its groove-laden bassline turning the crowd into one venue-wide circle pit.”

Coming back to the video, the fact that Don Broco managed to form an enormous circle of fire with their symbolic cowboy in the middle, leading the crowd is something that not many bands have thought of doing before. Check out the video below:

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