Unchain your free spirit with this fuzz-laden, adrenaline-pumping hit from the Leeds-based punk band
Cai Trefor
14:09 24th May 2019

Under recognised Leeds-based punks Thee MVPs have today unveiled an intense new cut titled ‘Jerry’, which is taken from their forthcoming EP Jerry +2.

In what can be perhaps construed as a tirade against the digital pop world, the band steered away from too many screens in the studio, and allowed once seemingly archaic yet increasingly popular tape recording to be the basis of how they would get the sound they needed for ‘Jerry’. The track is a mash of guitars laden with fuzz effects designed to unsettle you to your core, pounding drumming, and unrepressed, maniacal vocals. The catchiest part is the outro: a Sex Pistols/Supergrass-esque riff overladen with a blistering guitar solo.

Written in merely half an hour, it was recorded (this is the third take that’s used) at their friend Matt Rendon’s purpose built analog studio in Midtown Island, Tuscon, Arizona when they were on the road for SXSW earlier this year. The press release credits the influence of hours spent at a sports bar that had batting cages and heading straight from there to record at night as partially responsible for the feel of the track. 

Thee MVPs have regularly toured in the United States after building up a tight, devout following in the UK where they can pack out most small venues and create absolute havoc. They have, however, remained of ill-concern to the mainstream, which is probably not going to cause too many restless nights for the proudly DIY band. They've shared stages with some incredible bands such as Oh Sees, and are a growing cult concern.

According to the press release, thematically, the cut is a tirade against tiresome moaning. The track’s protagonist Jerry is Jerry Smith: the dad in Rick and Morty who dampens the mood of Morty and his irresponsible scientist grandfather. The line: "You’re such a Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry!" gives the track the air of late 70s punk and creates a new slur in the process.

The above mentioned EP Jerry + 2 is out on all streaming platforms on 31 May. It features 'Jerry' alongside covers of 'Hybrid Moments by The Misfits, and 'Black To Comm' by MC-5.

There's a release party in London at Paper Dress Vintage on 30 May. Check here for tickets.

Photo: Neelam Khan Vela