The new track paints the perfect picture of a day in the Windy City
Lil Bonhomme

13:00 24th May 2019

Highly-acclaimed producer and singer-songwriter Mr Hudson has shared the second track from his upcoming album featuring fellow singer Vic Mensa, and it’s called ‘Chicago’.

Have you ever wondered what a typical day in Chicago sounded like? Well this newbie will paint you the perfect picture of a stormy-winter day in the city. Not only is it packed with powerful vocals, whether from Hudson himself or the Chicago-born Vic Mensa, but the drums themselves create an atmosphere that only a place like the Windy City can procure.

This paragon of the new, downbeat and hazy music scene introduces us to what the British artist is exploring ahead of his future releases. While some of his previous tracks categorised him more as an electronic producer, today’s release is more of a pulsating pop tribute to the city taking the singer’s work to greater dimensions. Listen below:

Mr Hudson is set to have a lot more gems in store for us as he has been working with the likes of John Legend and Goody Grace, to prepare his long-awaited first album in ten years. The full-length, When The Machine Stops lands on 21 June 2019. 

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Photo: Jimi Ono