Band talk ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’…
Jason Gregory

10:13 6th June 2007

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Arctic Monkeys believe that the video to their new single, ‘Fluorescent Adolescent,’ is their best video ever.

The video for the single – which is released on July 9th – was premiered last night and features a group of clowns involved in a physical confrontation with a rival gang.

The bands front man Alex Turner, said that he thought the video was “the best thing we've ever done,” before admitting that the band “freaked out” an elderly woman when they were discussing the concept for the video on a train recently.

The Arctic Monkeys guitarist, Jamie Cook, added: “It's probably one of the best videos in the last, like, 10 years."

The two Monkey’s also talked to MTV about their collaboration with Dizzee Rascal on the song ‘Temptation Greets You Like a Naughty Friend’ – which was the b-side to first single ‘Brianstorm.’ Turner admitted: "The rhythm of it made us think of Dizzee."

Turner also hinted that future collaborations with the hip-hop star are likely, before revealing that he had already remixed a track for them. “He's done a remix of that tune where it's just three verses and it's got us on the chorus."

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