Whether you are basking in, or craving, the sunshine Belissimo’s retro-futuristic, Italo-space-disco album is your soundtrack.
James Thornhill
12:23 3rd May 2018

As the season’s roll into each other on a day-to-day basis here in the UK, our latest First Play definitely brings the sunshine.

Ghetto Falsetto, the latest album from Italian DJ/producer Bruno Belissimo combines classic elements of 70s dance music, namely disco and Hi-NRG, with the jittery space disco of Todd Terje. The result is an unashamedly camp and fun take on a modern disco record.

Growing up in around his father’s work directing indie sci-fi films and winning a scholarship at the Royal Conservatory of Music, this creative lineage is apparent in every blip, beat and bleep of his second album, the follow up to his eponymous debut released in 2016.

With flourishes of house, 80s pop, jazz and Balearic beats Belissimo treads the fine line between cliché and innovation. The title track explores these influences perfectly, bolting an aggressive synth bass line to space disco. It sets the scene for an album of genre-hopping fun.

‘Tempi Moderni’ is an acid house banger, laced with dancehall beats and a disco beat. The whole album brings a contemporary twist to the classic sounds of disco.

Speaking about the album Belissimo said, “The inspiration for the songs came from ideas or images that I had in my mind and then, just like the soundtrack of a film, I play the music I'd like to hear on these imaginary scenes. For example, in ‘Horror Tropical’ I imagined I was part of my favourite horror movie Zombi 2, and then made a track with this agenda in mind. ‘Boloña Balearica’ was curated during a very hot summer in Bologna last year and became the perfect background music for a sunset in Palma de Maiorca.”

Check out Ghetto Falsetto, and bring the sunshine, below:

Photo: Press