'A moving, affecting performance'
Cai Trefor

15:34 15th December 2017

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Culled from his Mercury nominated album Gang Signs & Prayers, Stormzy’s new video for the album’s latest single, 'Blinded By Your Grace Pt. 2, (feat. MNEK)' finds him sharing his song surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd before segueing to an intimate family scene, a dual context that allows him to fully exploit both sadness and celebration.

It’s an affecting performance, enhanced not only by the song’s poignant lyricism but also the contrasting set-up in terms of aural imagery. The video’s final scene, juxtaposing the crowd bowing their heads en masse and a more intimate gathering of relatives on a balcony in solemn repose, makes for a moving perspective.

The YouTube video also offers a behind the scenes look at the making of the video as well. Before the song begins, Stormzy is seen warming up with the crowd and obviously enjoying himself and radiating warmth as the center of attention.

Stormzy’s debut album, Gang Signs & Prayers, was released earlier this year and immediately climbed to number one on the UK album charts. It was the latest triumph in a relatively short career that’s already netted the him a series of awards.

Elsewhere, Stormzy was vocal in his praise of female artists. Speaking at the GRM Daily awards, he said: "Big up all the legendary girls of our industry, all the powerful women in the UK music scene." Indeed using his voice at the top to address inequality in the industry is a noble act and the tides are definitely changing for the better with the BRITs Critics' Choice shortlist being all women for a start.

Stormzy also championed the impact of the grime scene on a global stage whilst picking up his award. "UK music we are fucking up the world right now," he said. "From now on you see these Americans they can suck our dicks. We are not playing this game anymore we are out here. UK music to the world."

Words: Lee Zimmerman

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