On his album 'Rudebox'...
Helen Duong

13:32 22nd March 2007

Mark Ronson has been speaking to Gigwise about Robbie Williams’ flop of a record ‘Rudebox.’

The Stoke singer’s debut on Parlophone has sold a miniscule amount of units compared to his previous efforts.

But Ronson, who produced three album tracks (‘Lovelight’, ‘King of the Bongo’ and ‘Good Doctor’) is confident that his work at least stands up against Williams’ back catalogue.

Reflecting on the muted success, he told Gigwise: “The funny thing is that it got amazing reviews in magazines that had never ever taken him seriously up ‘til then that applauded him for taking a chance.

“I think people might have felt that maybe it didn’t’ feel like Robbie’s true voice. I think the people who really loved Robbie wanted to hear what he’s singing, but I don’t know. Maybe he’d been riding too high and people were ready to knock him down.”

Ronson continued that his track ‘Lovelight’ has got a great response, including from a certain hip-hop star, He added: “Lovelight, one of the records that I did, I know people who don’t even know who Robbie Williams is, they hear that when it comes on in the club when I play it and they’re like ‘what the hell is that, that’s amazing’.  I do think that’s a great song.

“Mos Def actually came up to me at one of Amy’s first gigs in Joe’s Pub in New York. He came up to me and was like, “did you do that Robbie Williams song Lovelight? It’s incredible I want to rap over that”. Maybe not all the songs were terribly good, but I’m definitely into the stuff we did.”