Marcus Foley
17:16 21st February 2007

It’s amazing what a couple of well-aimed plastic bottles can do to a musical movement. Panic!’s Brendan Urie got off lightly by simply being knocked out; being pelted with piss seemed to turn MCR into Queen, then Fall Out Boy got scared and became N*Sync. So with a shortage of good, old-fashioned emo at the moment, Senses Fail return and attempt to plug the gap.

The big intro, lyrics regarding tattoos, comas and crashing funerals, the big sing-along chorus…haven’t we heard this all before? The personalised theme, concerning singer Buddy Neilson’s dependence on anti-depressants aside, it’s just a bit too formulaic. Senses Fail are indeed very good at what they do, it would just be more admirable if the likes of The Ataris, Alkaline Trio et al hadn’t got there first.