Chris Reynolds

11:15 18th January 2007
Essentially Assembly Now have taken a tried and tested formula and had a pop at it.  The thriving indie scene is rather overcrowded at the moment, but you can guarantee that even if it meant exceeding that boat,s capacity there would always be room for Assembly Now such is the brilliance of their short career so far.  ‘Leigh on Sea’ is a new high following the path of bands like Maximo Park and new faces like Dartz!.  It’s jerky, fast paced and exciting not to mention supremely catchy.  Indeed filling a room with superlatives doesn’t sum up how thrilling this band sound in just over 2 minutes of music.  The desperate pace and impassioned vocals mean they easily outclass indie freeloaders who cash in on fashion or fame (pay attention the Horrors and Towers of London) and do it the old fashioned way, through perfect indie-pop.  Let’s hope Assembly Now’s arrival means those freeloaders fall overboard.

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