In an Atlanta studio...
Daniel Melia

15:22 14th June 2006

A member of Atlanta based rap collective Dem Franchize Boys was yesterday arrested in possession of 11 pounds of marijuana at a studio in their home city.

The arrest came during a police raid on the Making Money studio though which member of the group had been arrested has not been released as of yet.

According to $150,000 in cash, two handguns, a stash of porn and all the studio equipment was also seized.

Apparently eight people were arrested in total and two children also at the studio taken into custody before being released to their mother.

Richard Light of the Atlanta Police Dept. told local TV station Channel 2 Action News: "They were in the bathroom and they were trying to flush a lot of the drugs down the toilet. They just had too much and couldn't flush it all down."

The raid took place after Police were told that drugs were being sold from the studio.