Those without ID prevented entry by security staff
Julian Marszalek
10:11 20th September 2017

An apparent ticket mix-up saw hundreds of Foo Fighters fans turned away from the band’s sold-out show at the O2 Arena last night (September 19). Ticket holders who were unable to present a photo ID matching their booking were prevented entry by security.

The venue claims that the policy was enacted at the request of the band while those turned away – some of whom had travelled hundreds of miles – say they weren’t made aware of the restrictions.

The Evening Standard reports that fans without ID were eventually let in after strongly raising complaints to venue staff – but by that point many had gone home.

Fan Tori Rosenbaum told the paper that she’d bought for four tickers at a face value of £65 for her family but was unable to attend due to work commitments.

She said: “My brother is absolutely heartbroken. They saw some 14-year-old girls getting turned away too and were left sitting on a bench sobbing their hearts out.

“I totally understand the thing of stamping out touting, but this is punishing actual fans and is so easily avoidable by saying bring a copy of the ID or card that bought the tickets, or their confirmation, or anything. It’s a shambles.

“It’s just not on, it’s not even the money that bothers me, it’s knowing that people are having their excitement crushed.”

A spokesperson for the O2 Arena said: “At the request of the band, all tickets are being verified for tonight’s show at The O2. All fans are required to show proof of ID. This does mean that some who have bought through secondary sites, including our partner Stubhub may not be able to see the show.

“Ticket buyers should contact their original point of purchase if they encounter issues.”