Scuzzy garage rock inflects meshed with a meteoric 80s synth sound
Shannon Cotton

14:13 15th September 2017

Glaswegian upstarts The Ninth Wave breezed into Camden on Wednesday night (13th September) on a wave of hype that certainly didn’t disappoint.

Styling out some minor technical hiccups, the band’s electrifying and encompassing sound roars around the tiny Camden haunt, leaving the room aware that what they are witnessing is rather special indeed. The dual vocals of Elina Lin and Haydn Park-Patterson flow together seamlessly, and the juxtaposition of melodic synths and crashing guitars mixes together with unsuppressed cohesion.

Stand out moments include the brooding ‘Reformation’ with dark and mysterious riffs that reach dizzying heights, as well as the forthcoming atmospheric single ‘Liars’.

This gig marks the beginning of a string of dates which sees the quartet play in their native country Scotland after their Reformation EP release on 22 September.


Photo: April Arabella