Pete Doherty's guitarist reveals two new videos from his own band Trampolene
Julian Marszalek
09:46 7th July 2017

Trampolene have released not one but two new videos for ‘Beautiful Pain’ and ‘Saving My Life In A&E’. Both tracks are taken from their new EP, Beautiful Pain, which is out today (July7) – and you can watch both of the videos on Gigwise now.

As regular readers of Gigwise will already know, Trampolene are led by singer-guitartist Jack Jones, who is also a member of Peter Doherty’s touring band, The Puta Madres. And while the high levels of literate lyrics are all present and correct, the two tracks take a slight departure from the norm.

‘Beautiful Pain’ is a lush balled that belies dark and hurtful undertones. While the music creates a sense of drama by knowing when to pull back and then let go, it also reveals the story of an abusive relationship, and this soon becomes apparent as the video begins to unfold.

Says director Roger Sargent of the video: “It's not gender specific, the idea was to show a relationship breaking down, as one person is being disrespectful of the other forcing them to do something they don’t want to do, as they feel scared and that their emotions are being controlled.”

He continues: “The abuse is both physical and psychological, what is and isn’t normal behaviour and who is responsible? Who is the victim and who is the abuser? We all want to be loved, safe and free to be ourselves and abuse is not acceptable and never is, but I have witnessed this in some form in almost every relationship I have ever been in. I also liked the idea that Jack is a typical rockstar, in his own world and oblivious to the things going on around him.”

‘Saving My Life In A&E’ is a heartfelt spoken word piece in praise of this country’s much envied but sadly beleaguered National Health Service. It was inspired after Jones was hospitalised shortly after returning home from tour. It’s hard not to be moved by the sentiments expressed here.

“I had been away touring with Peter Doherty not getting enough sleep or eating properly,” says Jones of the events that inspired the piece. “When I returned home the news was all doom and gloom and to top it all my sister had a life threatening health scare. It was all too much and I ended up having a panic attack, believing I was dying and being rushed to A&E by my sister.

“The NHS were so caring that it made me realise and appreciate that they are very special people indeed and how lucky we are to have the NHS and that it really is our country at its best.”

Trampolene have also announced a number of live dates. They play:


21 – Sheffield, Tramlines Festival (headlining This Feeling as The Great Gatsby)


06 – Liverpool, Hope & Glory Festival (The Great Exhibition Stage)
25 – 27 Reading and Leeds Festival


21 – London, 229

Photo: Daniel Quesada