Taken from the companion disc to Radiator that's being included in a forthcoming 20th anniversary reissue
Cai Trefor

10:42 29th June 2017

Wales' Super Furry Animals have unveiled a previously unheard recording that was done in the sessions that led to the creation of their album Radiator. You can listen to this track, which they've since named 'B-Side', first on Gigwise below.

The solely instrumental cut features a soft piano chord progression that washes over you inspiring a sense of contemplation. Coupled with that is a swirling chaotic sound that feels vigorous and exciting.

We spoke with keyboardist Cian Ciaran to get some history on the track: "I can't remember it, I don't think any of do really," he says, dryly.

"Luckily our friend Kliph Scurlock knows the Super Furry Animals back catalogue better than anyone in the band. This helps when it comes to putting reissues together because he knows completely what's been put out and what hasn't, what people have heard of having been created and what is a total secret." 

Their friend is one time drummer in The Flaming Lips, and by the sound of it he's an indispensable asset to the band and fans who want to explore more of the band and not just the tracks that made it onto the record. Fans can then gain a more rounded understanding.

Ciaran also proceeded to explain some of the technical reasons 'B-Side' developed the way it did: "It's the Sherman Filterbank - you can put anything through it, even a little Casio keyboard, and it would sound like a monster. This was the day when everything was done through hardware and tape."

In terms of the inspiration behind how they chose to use the Sherman Filterbank, there was a Daft Punk track called 'Rolling and Scratching' that played a big part: "It was the b-side to 'Da Funk' put out in 1995," explains Ciaran. "I always used to play it out in the parties - it was the harder side of Daft Punk. I was trying to get that nastiest that dirtiness in the recording.

"We bought it during the radiator session and you can hear us experimenting with it on 'B-Side' and by the time we got to Guerilla we got to grips with it."

Subsequently 'B-side' marks the beginning of an important development in sound and without having the Radiator reissue the full picture and understanding of Super Furry Animals' journey as musicians would not be told.

The reissue will be out 28 July, a month before the album turns 20, and is an essential buy for a Super Furries fan -  just as essential as a new studio album would be. You can pre-order it here and get a free download of B-Side in the process.

There have been no tour dates announced yet but it wouldn't surprise us if they announce a special gig in Cardiff to celebrate. Fingers crossed.

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