Cave's track 'Breathless' soundtracks the ad
Tom Skinner

10:37 29th June 2017

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Iggy Pop and Nick Cave have teamed up for a new PETA video campaign. Check out the clip below.

The musical icons have done their bit for the animal rights organisation a number of times in the past, but have now joined forces for a cuddly cartoon advert. 

The clip uses Cave’s track ‘Breathless’, which sees him sing about the importance of protecting defenceless animals. A shirtless cartoon Pop struts around saving a fox and other furry friends from harms way, before his real-life self is seen with his dog, who has dreamt the whole thing.

Iggy Pop began working with PETA back in 2010, when he joined students at the University of Michigan and demanded that human alternatives to medial training were put in place. 

“It’s common sense that cutting apart pigs and maiming cats isn’t the best way to train people to treat humans,” he said. “U-M should not be harming animalswhen better alternatives are available and already in use on campus.”

Elsewhere, Iggy Pop's first three albums have recently been re-issued on vinyl to mark their 40th anniversary. The Idiot, Lust For Life, and the collection of live recordings TV Eye were all released in 1977. 








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