And he also wants to work with Justin Bieber again
Julian Marszalek
11:50 27th June 2017

Ed Sheeran has reportedly been working on a secret album for the last six years. The Glastonbury headliner and dominator of charts the world over has been adding to the album’s tracklisting by writing one song per year for it while working on his other albums.

"I've been working on this one since the same time as Plus. Every year I write a song that will go on it," he told The Sun. "So I have about six, seven at the moment. It's not necessarily experimental but I don't think there'll be any hot radio songs on it this time. It's a very acoustic record, very acoustic."

The ubiquitous troubadour has advised fans not to hold their breath as it the record may not even be his next album: "It will potentially come later, because it's been about six years in the making and it might be another three or four. So I might put other stuff out before then, just to have something out.”

He is also up for another collaboration with Justin Bieber. The pair worked together on Bieber’s 2015 single, ‘Love Yourself’.

"I'm always, always up for working with Bieber," he said. "He's doing a lot of these features (collaborations with other artists) then he's touring. But when he wants to start making another album, I'd love to be involved. I've got some ideas. I think he's really talented. And his head's screwed on properly now."

And if that wasn’t enough, working with hip-hop producer DJ Khaled is also being mooted.

"Me and DJ Khaled were talking about doing a song but I haven't had any time to go in the studio, so I missed this album," he explained. "But hopefully next year. I'm keeping open."