Teasing posters have appeared all over the world
Julian Marszalek
12:10 26th April 2017

Radiohead fans are seemingly going into meltdown with speculation that the band might be planning something special to mark the 20th anniversary of their 1997 album, OK Computer.

Posters which appear to reference the lyrics for album track ‘Fitter Happier’ have been appearing in numerous cities across the world including London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. They all contain different messages but are all signed off with “1997 – 2017”.

But what could it all mean?

Fans on Reddit are speculating as to the true meaning of what it all adds up to.

jtempleman50 wrote: “id literally shit myself if they released a totally political album in the current state that things are in.”

Elsewhere, Radiohead’s visual collaborator Stanley Donwood has taken to Instagram to tease of a Radiohead-related project that he claims is “soon to be real.”

OK Computer is the band’s third album and widely acknowledged as the album that took them to the next level. Their 1997 Saturday headlining at a horrifically muddy Glastonbury has become the very stuff of legend and much is expected from their appearance at the festival this year.

Elsewhere, a variety of artists including Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Young Fathers and Thurston Moore have written an open letter asking Radiohead not to play Tel Aviv in Israel on July.

Posting on Artists For Palestine UK, they said: ““We’d like to ask you to think again – because by playing in Israel you’ll be playing in a state where, UN rapporteurs say, ‘a system of apartheid has been imposed on the Palestinian people.

They add: “You may think that sharing the bill with Israeli musicians Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis, who play Jewish-Arabic music, will make everything OK. It won’t, any more than ‘mixed’ performances in South Africa brought closer the end of the apartheid regime."