The track will be included in the Tango In The Night reissue
Tom Skinner

10:47 17th February 2017

A rare early take of Fleetwood Mac's single 'Seven Wonders' has been dug-out from the archives. Check out the alternate version here.

The track will form part of the upcoming reissue of the band's 1987 album Tango In The Night, which is being released to celebrate the record's 30th anniversary. 

The early version of 'Seven Wonders' sees the track in its bare bones form, stripped of the slick, glossy 80s production and sheen. Electric guitar is in the place of the glistening synth hook of the final version, and the track goes at a slower pace, without that extra percussion and snappiness. As expected, the main draw of Stevie Nicks' iconic vocals remain.

Tango In The Night will be reissued on three formats: A standard one-CD set, an expanded two-CD version, an LP, and a DVD collection. The release will feature other previously unheard outtakes, including 'Mystified' and the title track.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that band members Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie are in the studio together working on a collaborative record entitled Buckingham McVie. The record is due for release in May.

Tango In The Night 30th Anniversary reissue will be released March 31.

Check out the album version of 'Seven Wonders' below:

Photo: Press