A postumhous collaboration of enormous quality
Cai Trefor

15:13 15th November 2016

Conrad Schnitzler & Schneider TM have unveield the video to 'Doozer', the lead single from their forthcoming album Con-Struct, out via the awesome Bureau B label this Friday (18 Nov). You can watch it exclusively on Gigwise below.

We first premiered the audio to this track back in September and were delighted to have discovered something compeletely extraordinary, vastly experimental and inimitable.

The music is made up of sounds Jens Strüver put together from the archive Conrad Schnitzler made. The reason this is such a privledge from an avant-garde musicians point of view is that Schnitzler was the pioneer of sound in the 60s doing something compeltely out there and contrversial aat the time. Whilst most people after the war were happy listening to Schlager, Schnitzler and his contemporaries at the Zodiak Free Arts Lab in West Berlin in 1969 were exploring the limits of sound, pushing boundaries with synthesisers and compsition that had never been exploited.

Schneider TM had this to say: "I am very happy and honored to be invited to do an album for the Con-Struct series and wanted to do something special and genuine in this posthumous collaboration with Conrad Schnitzler. I wanted to get as close to his spirit as possible, so I created a musical situation as if we were actually collaborating together in the same room, with Conrad playing his pre-recorded sound-files or modular system and me dubbing and processing it live on the fly… almost as if it was a live-concert situation.

"Next to many other aspects of Schnitzler’s vast oeuvre, I am fond of the noisy, polyharmonic, polyrhythmic and sometimes quite humorous minimalism of his music, as well as his way of using chance, which often leads to magical and raw beauty. There are no other sounds on this record except for ones created by Schnitzler, sent through my system and processed live.

"During the sessions I had the feeling of being in a conversation with him. And when I met his widow, Gisela Schnitzler, she told me that they still talk every evening, more than five years after his death, and that he’s still around for sure. So, Conrad, thanks a lot for this experience! 

Photo: Press