Incredible psychdelic R&B cover of the Bo Diddley original, played for Fuzz Club Sessions
Cai Trefor
10:49 15th November 2016

Night Beats are one of the most brilliant live guitar bands on the planet right now and Fuzz Club know this too well and invited them to a South London studio to record an all analogue live session. You can watch their Bo Diddley cover from it first on Gigwise below.

The idea of the session is to capture them on tape in the rawest possible way, all live no overdubs, capturing the exact sound of them all playing in a room together. And, impressively keeping the first take every time. The result is fantastic and should encourage more people to release music in this faff free way.

The great thing about the Fuzz Club Session is that it's not just the Bo Diddley cover, there's six more tracks including covers and tracks from their fantastic 2016 album, Who Sold My Generation? The whole collection will be out on 1 December on "12 Vinyl.

But for now 'Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut' is a great way to whet your palliate as you wait for the full release. It's such a strong recording and also shows Night Beats taking hold of the 1964 R&B classic and making it completely their own allowing it to fit succinctly into the rest of their raw fuzzed out set.

The video is low key and keeps with the vintage ethos of the performance, as it's shot all in black and white. It's predominantly a performance video of all three band members locking into a groove and giving it all they've got but there's also some outtakes of them taking a break outside the studio thrown in. A very natural representation of band - great stuff.