The frontman was invited to the studio by the band for their fourth album
Alexandra Pollard
12:02 10th February 2016
The 1975's Matt Healy has criticised One Direction in a new interview, asking, "Do they really have any artistic credibility?"

The frontman was invited to a recording session with the band back in 2014. "They got me in, and they said, ‘We really like your band. Would you write a song for us?'" he told Spin. "They didn’t seem to be actually that interested; they just wanted to play me this song that they said was really, really inspired by us."

When they played him 'Change Your Ticket', which sounded a little like 'Girls', Healy told them, "'Listen guys, fill your boots, the song doesn’t sound that much like 'Girls.' But the guitar and the whole vibe of it is a complete lift. So take the guitars off, and we’re good." The group agreed, but the song then turned up untouched as a bonus track.

Healy was subsequently upset that the band didn't make it clear that he hadn't written the song: "It would have been a bad 1975 song." Judge for yourself below.

He then pondered, "Oh, well… they’re four guys who queued up outside an arena to sing in front of Simon Cowell. Do they really have any artistic credibility? That sounds like a mean thing to say, but it’s a good question. Like, do they?"

The 1975's second album, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, is out on 26 February.