Ora sued the label last month, so they've filed a counter-suit
Alexandra Pollard

11:00 2nd February 2016

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Roc Nation are reportedly counter-sueing Rita Ora after she brought a suit against the label last month saying she had been "orphaned" by them.

The British singer didn't feel that she received the support she deserved from Roc Nation, the label founded by Jay-Z, and thus sued them, claiming that she had produced additional material following her debut album, Ora, and that the label had failed to release it.

Roc Nation weren't having any of it though, and filed a cross-complaint saying they had "tirelessly promoted" Ora's career, and spent over $2.3 million promoting her - which they'd now like back, because she's in breach of her five-album contract.

According to Billboard, it looks like the dispute is set to be resolved out of court, after Jay Z rang Ora releasing her from her Roc Nation contract.

Ora released her self-titled debut album back in 2012, and hasn't released another album since.

  • Azealia Banks: As anyone who follows her frantic twitter account will know, Azealia Banks has a bad history with labels. Over the last two years the '212' rapper repeatedly begged to be dropped by Universal, as she clearly not happy on a major. It seems her prayers were answered last month when they finally ended her contract (for better or worse).

  • Destiny's Child: Back in the early days before Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle made a groundbreaking impact on the R&B scene, Destiny's Child were signed to Elektra records with a deal to make a debut album. Before the trio's first record could even be released though they were rapidly dropped by the infamous label. Huge mistake? You betcha.

  • 50 Cent: Fiddy's alarming back story that he was shot nine times has sat at the core of his sound and lyrical content since he emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the rap world. Back in the early days though, Columbia Records thought it would tarnish the rapper's reputation and thus dropped him half way through recording his debut album 'Power of the Dollar'. Not cool, guys.

  • The Stooges: Another musical-crime from Elektra Records, influential, Iggy Pop fronted group The Stooges were dropped from their deal just before they hit their peak. Luckily, David Bowie saw their potential who helped them get another contract just in time to release Raw Power, no doubt their most important record.

  • Bruno Mars: Everyone knows Bruno Mars became the global superstar he is today after years of writing for other artists, but few people are aware the 'Treasure' singer was dropped by the legendary Motown records after a short stint on their books.

  • Lady Gaga: Another star with a troubled history in the industry, Lady Gaga was devastatingly dropped from a major label contract early on into her career by none-other than LA Reid. Gaga seemingly got her own back though addressing the issues in her video for 'Marry The Night' years later.

  • Katy Perry: Despite now being a global superstar, Katy Perry's rise to fame was anything but quick, with the 'Firework' singer encountering multiple roadblocks throughout her career. Perhaps the most influential though was when she was dropped by Columbia Records 80% into the recording of her debut album. Ten year's later, it's safe to say Perry's probably come out on top.

  • Glasvegas: The Scottish arena shoegazers were once one of the most buzzed about bands on the scene, before their second album Euphoric Heartbreak performed less than impressively in terms of sales - but that didn't stop the band, who continue to record and tour to the elation of their dedicated cult fan base.

  • Elbow: Now a stadium-filling, Mercury-winning tour de force, Elbow have been plagued by disaster throughout their career. They were first dropped by Universal in their early days, before V2 dropped them in 2006 - just two years before their incredible breakthrough album The Seldom Seen Kid - which saw them take home the Mercury Music Prize. Who's laughing now, eh?

  • Morrissey: Last year saw Morrissey has reportedly been dropped by Harvest Records just three weeks after the release of new album World Peace Is None Of Your Business. It ended in less than pleasant terms, with his band soon frequently taking to the stage in t-shirt that read 'FUCK HARVEST'. They took all in good humour though, with the label soon selling the same shirts on their official site.

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