Band talk to Gigwise about Spotify, their debut album and 'meeting in the wild'
Andrew Trendell and Ed Keeble
12:54 25th November 2014

Stepping out of the spotlight of the group that made your name can't be easy, but Carl Barat has effortlessly found a new lease of life with a new band of brothers, The Jackals. We sat down to talk to him and bandmate Billy Tessio to discuss how they met, how cynics are wrong, Spotify culture and their debut album, Glory Days. 

Watch our interview with Carl Barat and The Jackals in the video above

"Mainstream music is such a closed little club," Libertine and Jackals frontman Barat says backstage at their 100 Club gig co-presented by Gigwise. "It's that Radio One gang. There's no subculture, only culture. Back in the day when Kurt Cobain was referencing his bands that he was in to, like The Raincoats, The Vaselines, you had to find them in a Record Collector magazine and write off - it was a bit more of a treasure trove. Whereas now, you do a mouseclick to anything and you get the 'best of' - there's no depth." 

But it's that depth and authenticity you'll find in The Jackals - a band brought together for their love of the music and their search for the glory days. Watch as Carl and Billy talk us through the 'quagmire' of modern music, 'meeting in the wilderness', what to expect from debut album Let It Reign, their energy and passion and how they're not 'an X Factor competition band'. 

Watch our interview with Carl Barat and The Jackals in the video above

Carl Barat And The Jackals release debut album Let It Reign on 16 February, 2015. New single 'Glory Days' is out now. 

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Photo: Justine Trickett