Definitely not going to regret the James Arthur tattoo
Alexandra Pollard

15:00 27th June 2014

Do you consider yourself a music fan? Have you, for example, got all of Radiohead's albums? Well that's great for you, but we bet you don't have a tattoo of Thom Yorke where your nipple is taking the place of his eye.

There are some very, very misguided brave and imaginative music fans out there. We would have never made much of a connection, for example, between Lorde and Darth Maul, let alone combined the two in the form of a huge, indelible portrait on our own flesh. We all know, of course, that James Arthur is going to have a long, successful career, but are we so sure that we'd get his face on our thigh?

Thankfully, there are people out there who clearly have more trust and love for musicians than we do. We salute you all for your now irreversible loyalty.


 Just found this dave grohl tattoo @foofighters what do you think dave ?

Photo: Twitter / @Bagusfrm