While hugging band in airport...
Lowri Williams

13:16 26th August 2005

McFlyMcFly recently had a run in with a male fan at an airport that left a little wary…

While the lads obviously enjoy the attention they get from all their fans, they are always gonna prefer the girls…especially after one male fan got a little too close for comfort.

Danny said to MSN: "We had this male fan that we messed around with,"

"We were having a laff saying go and hug each other like, 'Harry needs a hug, go and hug him.' To cut a long story short he had a big stonking boner. When we were leaving the airport we looked back and he still had a stonker."


“He had tracksuit bottoms on as well so it was well sticking out,"
"It was so funny. We do have some psycho, really stalker-ish fans that follow us around. But most of em are really nice."

McFly’s new album ‘Wonderland’ is out August 29, if you care.