Frenetic, and brilliant, Brooklyn-based boys led by Brad Oberhofer
michael baggs
15:09 16th April 2012

While Oberhoher are a quartet, they have achieved the majority of their current interest from their energetic frontman (and namesake) Brad Oberhofer. In his early twenties, Brad founded the project himself and continues to propel its momentum with his taking to numerous instruments and frantic performances.

An obvious case in point is the Letterman gig recently recorded. A major break for any novice band, they were a bundle of nervous energy. Notably, Brad embraced Letterman in an extension of his routine. He appears an eccentric character, responding to his group's increasing exposure with an endearing erraticism.

Evidently aware of the allure of a good origin story, Mr Oberhofer is now known to have been withdrawn from music until a sonic epiphany was elicited by a car almost crashing into him. Whether at this point or not, the melody has definitely been awoken in him; although residents of Brooklyn and children of Tacoma, Washington, the guys are becoming more and more synonymous with a buoyant West Coast vibe.

They have been able to employ veteran producer Steve Lilliwhite to oversee their debut album 'Time Capsules II' (released this week), but their signature sound - a relatively lo-fi, wide-eyed aesthetic - remains intact. Having said that, though their interviews and lyrical content concern issues of adolescent love and naivety, the accomplished execution of the LP belies the image they're projecting. Brad has already outlined his ambition, emphasising his willingness to move quickly on to Oberhofer's sophomore record.

Listen to 'Heart' below.