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Cat's Eyes - 'Cat's Eyes' (Video Exclusive)

Watch band play exclusive live song on Gigwise...


Cat's Eyes - 'Cat's Eyes' (Video Exclusive) Photo:

Cat's Eyes release their stunning debut album this month – and Gigwise is proud to present an exclusive live video of the opening track.

Filmed during the band's intimate performance at the Amadeus Centre, 'Cat's Eyes' shows the group at their visceral best.

Cat’s Eyes are Rachel Zeffira, a Canadian multi-instrumentalist based in London, and Faris Badwan, singer from The Horrors.

Their self-titled debut album was recorded at RealWorld, Peter Gabriel’s studio near Bath, with producer Steve Osborne, with dditional parts recorded with an orchestra at Abbey Road, conducted by Zeffira.

The album, 'Cat's Eyes', is released on April 11.

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